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Personalized video reviews
How does it work?


"Joel went above and beyond, commenting nearly every 3 seconds of my recording to vocally and visually annotate something I could have done better or to give me ideas for styling / variations. I highly recommend his video critiques to anyone wanting to become a better dancer!"

- Yang Pulse

"Joel was extremely thorough with my video coaching. I'm so happy I decided to go with "The Russian” because I have needed someone for a long time to go through and truly critique my west coast swing. He really took the time to explain via written feedback, spoken feedback, and illustration what I was doing and what he needed to see - its nice to feel that someone whose dancing you admire is so accessible. I would definitely use this service again in the future for a quick recap of a finals dance or even some feedback on social dancing."

- Lisa Nunberg

"Joel has spent a lot of time watching and rating my novice video division. I can recommend the Russian method to those who want a straightforward and honest opinion about their dance. Joel gives useful tips, shows backgrounds and explains valuable techniques. I will also send Joel my competition videos in the future and have them rated. I can fully recommend it to those who want to move a step further!"

- Dominik Neugebauer

Join hundreds of dancers (from 12 countries) who received pros feedback on WestiePro!

How does it work?


WestiePro makes it easy to get feedback!

  • Upload your dance video from your phone or computer
  • Give the Pro your background and what you'd like them to focus on
  • Get an email when your feedback is ready
  • See the feedback directly within your computer browser!
What does the feedback look like?

Watch a walkthrough of actual feedback


Written Feedback + Categories

  • Overall impression of your dancing
  • Specific feedback split into categories
  • Each feedback pin pointed to right time on the video

Voice Overs + Drawings

  • Audio recording of the pro explaining what they see
  • Drawing on the video so you'll know what they talk about

Videos Of The Pro

  • Video of the Pro demonstrating a concept for you
  • Video of the Pro showing a drill for you to work on

I've submitted my video, now what?

Congrats! We send your request to the pro- You'll get an email when they accept your request (within a few days), and another once your feedback is ready! (usually within a week)

How does pricing work?

Just like with private lessons, the price will vary depending on the pro and how much effort they put into the review. When you request feedback from a pro, you'll see the price they charge for each type of review package.

When does WestiePro charge my card?

WestiePro will not charge you for the video review until your request is accepted by the pro, You'll see a temporary authorization.

Can I send the same video to multiple pros?

Of course! Once you've submitted your video to one pro, return to this main page and repeat the process for as many pros as you'd like!

What if the pro doesn't accept my request?

Sometimes a pro is unable to perform a review for you (for example, they might be busy with events) and they will not accept your request. If the pro does not accept your request, your credit card will NOT be charged (the temporary authorization will be cancelled/refunded within a few days).

Oops... something went wrong and I need help!

If you're stuck or, lost, or something went horribly wrong, we are here for you!
Reach out to us at support@westiepro.com